Collective Housing | Academic | 2020
ft. Mariana Sandoval + Njiric Arhitekti + SALTO Proyectos

layouts 1

The task is directed to low-cost, affordable and innovative layouts / solutions to the basic need for a small-sized quality housing. The commission gives the opportunity to think about social, cultural and environmental effects in sustainable design and construction.

We were challenged to conceive a new and original concept for a low-cost house with expandable units or local materials, however – not strictly limited to “low tech”. This workshop is designed to challenge and seek creativity with traditional ideas and concepts in architectural design of collective living spaces.

It aims to promote alternative solutions to housing, coming up with affordable and sustainable layouts with limited size and budget to meet urgent demands in housing market, something not in contradiction with singular, enjoyable and inviting domestic spaces.

The challenge is both multidisciplinary and multiscale, a minimal housing unit cap able of fulfilling the residents’ requirements of comfort, thrift and sustainability.

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