Cultural | Smithfield, London | 2017

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The Campus for new fields of knowledge next to Barbican train station seize the opportunity to restore the old Smithfield Market. We remove slabs and roofs, so there is now just a hypostyle space with a cast-iron-pillars matrix. The proposal simply skewers new transverse surfaces with different height positions, set up by two servant edges for systems and circulation.

The central main area remains neutral, blockage-free. It is the blank canvas for the student’s activity. The sensation is fully horizontal. It introduces through the transparent covering the brick image of the market and the city in which everything is drawn. This is the reason why the campus opens patios both sides: light and air gets into the building and create the interstice between interior and exterior to be expected. The tense dialogue between the existent and the technology.

The idea goes on about simplicity and clearness: the student is a freelance, works for the group totally contaminated by the proximity of his co-workers producing new kind of ideas in the open, chaotic and multifunctional “hist-tech” container.

Smithfield Campus_04
Lateral buffer
Auditorium morphology

Pedrayes final thesis for UPMadrid