Collective Housing | Competition | Sevilla | 2021
ft. Álvarez Sotelo Arquitectos


The competition for the Collective Housing in Pedro el Grande took us to the reconsideration of the volume and its buildability from the very beginning. We started from the pure prism, playing, adapting, breaking it according to the very strict rules of the regulations. The outcome should be the discovery of new cohabitation interstices that improved the usual settings of social housing. This kind of spaces, both fractionated and interconnected in floor plan and section, let the reduced dimensions of the project have generous areas for leisure and familiar activities.

With this volumetric approach that took deeply into account the natural lighing, the building got to lodge 4 units. They were based on the typical deep housing type: day area, night area and the access in between them.


Thanks to the stepped piling of these units, we totally freed the ground floor for a necessary escape related to the ventilation and circulation open core. This patio also created semi-private landings that remind us the contained disposition of chairs in the evening, typical activity of the Andalucian people in the street. The rest of the tube is a solar chimney that connects with the common space in the ground floor, creating a natural vertical-horizontal ventilation flow.

All of those elements, plus the interstices, usually protected by a concrete block lattice {new expression of the building}, crownd at the rooftop in which the use and enjoyment are the consequence of the contacts between neighbours and visitors.


The dwelling 3C is the basis housing type. Each of the rest, depending on their position in the building, slightly adapts its layout according to the regulation permissions.

The type divides into two pieces: day area and night area, depending on the activity, the spacial quality and lighting conditions. Each of these pieces gets a humid zone, kitchen or bathroom, related to the central open core.

The central access is a joint, a circulation/distribution cell, physically and visually connected to the patio. Then, it works not only as a landing, but also as a semi-private buffer.


ft. Álvarez Sotelo Arquitectos

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