Collective Housing | Competition | Palma de Mallorca | 2020
ft. Diego Gopar Alcántara

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These days, thinking about how housing will be in the “new normality” seems to be commonplace. It also looks like everybody goes back to the balcony that some day in the past they closed. Or back again to the living in order to do some yoga, ‘pre-removing’ the useless furniture they piled up in the past.

The key fact is that everyone of us found little mistakes in our houses. A bunch of articles have been written about the lack of ventilation, flexibility, sustainable solutions or the lack {again} of in-between spaces to connect with the exterior. Indeed, these are some of the ideas that we took into consideration. Therefore we propose something simple, compact, adaptable, easy to erect and ready to work as a canvas for the inhabitants to interact with the surroundings and between them.

Entre hogares

«Entre hogares» decided to start from the users, in this case, analysing their lifestyles in a clear and direct way. Nowadays, families and groups are very diverse, so we can’t think about conventional 2adults+2kids type of household, but better in the possibility of creating an easy system, with the option for them to customize and finish the design as they wish.

For this purpose, we took as a reference an unquestionable fact: every human being {no matter their origin, age, gender, experience or social position} sleeps, eats, smartens up, goes to the wc and charges an electronic device. From this point on, the rest of their activities are varied and unexpected. This is why we take the «Aravena» decision, by which we group all these basic needs in a pod {positive space}, and, by the placing and separation of positives, we generate the negatives, in which everything can happen. So we save resources and give the opportunity to the user to customize and adapt the negatives.

ft. Diego Gopar Alcántara

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