Collective Housing | Competition | Alcoy | 2021
Support collab: Diego Gopar Alcántara

45 grados _ 01

“45 grados” is an exploration about a twist of initial ideas in search of {out of the} ordinary conditions for living. Instead of responding the question through a defined and forced layout, we decided to give an open grid for the users to conquer the way they may want. The thing is that, playing the horizontal-vertical idea, some of the pre-existing requirements were not fully satisfied, so rotating 45 degrees, we discovered finally that everything changes. First, we gain more privacy from the neighbours in front of us. Second, we catch the good views and orientation, aligned with the 45-degrees diagonals. And last but not least, we increase the façade surface in order to open more windows, enlarge the central patio and create balconies.

On the other hand, prefabrication and innovation are the leitmotiv of the construction system: since the layout is 100% regular, the production and montage of pieces are easier and faster than usual, combining prefab concrete ground floor pillars with CLT panels on top.

In consequence, a free gameboard is set for every people that could land on it. We expect it to behave naturally, so the users decide what to do and how to connect in it. No need of extra plaster ‘passe-partout’…but the exploitation of passive strategies in support of collaborative lifestyles. The building adapts to the dweller’s evolution, not the other way around.

45 grados _ 02
Ground floor plan
45 grados _ 03
Typical floor plan

ft. Diego Gopar Alcántara