Refurbishment | Built | Madrid | 2021

We found this damaged ground floor apartment by chance in November 2019…its potential was great, and we were just in search of a space to set up POPCORP. The intervention, since we had no much money for cravings, consisted in the erase of the useless extra, of every late layer that sub-divided the original open space erected in 1933. Nothing was structural excepting the perimetral walls and the extraordinary steel-framed pilar that we found behind tons of plaster. Thus, we aimed for the versatility of a central open served space, surrounded by a continuous cupboard of servants: a sexy shower for the after run-for-coming-to-work, the siesta spot, the gigantic library, and the necessary and discreet kitchenette for coffee times and daily menu.

Of course, we decided to go neutral, as usual, to let ourselves amaze with some poetic post-ideas to stamp our personality. For instance, we changed the joinery for 3 flexible and peaceful linen curtains, and started playing with the lighting, in a constant relation with our crazy patio {just to underline it: sunny patio South-oriented in the centre of Madrid}. The outcome is still ongoing, but the space remains pure, simple, and always ready for changes, new people’s ideas and mentions to its past and future.