This is us: a team of young backpackers who took the decision of boosting responsible Architecture and Investment with collaborative languages, just to make enough money to buy a new pair of happy socks, pack them up and start over again.

Our activity jumps from our discipline to its business and artistic siblings, collaborating with other actors of our profession to reach better solutions together. Our team met at the Master in Collective Housing, hosted by the ETSA Madrid and the ETH Zürich, and started this exploration in 2021 in order to re-think the way we create the spaces in which we all live.

We believe in transparent and collaborative methods of design, focused in finally making Architecture adapt to the user’s evolution, forgetting about daydreams. This usually leads to more flexibility, better quality of life and more profitability.

Team POPCORP; this is us.
Pic: Iranzu Marina



2021_ Founding partner at POPCORP

2021_ The PowerMBA
2020_ Awarded Top3 best participants of the MCH2020
2020_ Master in Collective Housing UPMadrid / ETHZürich
2020_ Collaboration with JUUBRN Studio
2019_ AUIP Scholarship for Mobility Programme
2019_ ”Future Cities” expo at the MAR in Mar del Plata

2018_ 1st prize Competition ALACERO “GreenHouse Pavilion”
2018/2019_ BLT Arquitectos {Barrera + Lozada} in Córdoba
2018_ Architecture of the Modern City, with Heliodoro Piñón
2017/2018_ Assistant professor at UNCórdoba
2017_ SOS Ciudades Valparaíso 2017 Programme
2014_ The Material Construction of the Arch. Space. FADU/UBA
2013/2018_ UNCórdoba / Arquitectura, Urbanismo y Diseño
He speaks English and Spanish by t
he way.


2021_ Founding partner at POPCORP
2020_ Awarded Top3 best participants of the MCH2020
2020_ LEED Green Associate / USGBC
2020_ Master in Collective Housing UPMadrid / ETHZürich
2020_ Scholarship Chamber of Architects in Madrid {COAM}
2017/2019_ CCJVV Office Architects in Madrid / Geneva
2017_ International volunteer at ENTRETIERRAS in Senegal
2017_ International volunteer at UNIRAID in Morocco
2016_ Cultural Landscape Research Group ETSAMadrid
2015_ Luscher Architectes Lausanne

2015_ 1st prize “Manège à Leysin”; 4th prize “ECAS Givisiez”
2015_ Investigation assistant at ChôrosLAB Lausanne
2014/2015_ École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne
2014_ Swiss European Mobility Programme
In this case, it’s English, French and Spanish.